Taylor’s University Application Day

May 20, 2016

Taylor's Application Day









































Highlights for Taylor’s Application Day ;

1. Students who enrols during the Application Day (4 & 5 June) will receive the International Student Bursary (ISB) of RM2,000 (Tuition Fee Waiver)

2. Taylor’s Merit Scholarships  (Up to RM20,000 per year) for Aug 2016 intakes is available to qualified students (based on Actual Ijazah/SKHUN results)

3. TCHT 30th Anniversary Bursary (Aug 2016 to Aug 2017 intakes) for TCHT Diploma Programmes (30% Off Tuition Fees for 2 years) + RM10,000 Fee Waiver for progression to TCHT Degree (Year 2 & 3 – RM2,500 per sem x 4)

4. Promotional Pricing Bundle : July 2016 – Nov 2017 intakes

a) Foundation Programmes  – RM7,000 Fee Waiver (RM3,500 per sem x 2) for 1 Year Foundation + RM8,000 Fee Waiver (RM4,000 per sem X 2) for progression to Degree (Year 1) after Foundation

b) Intensive English Programme (IEN) – RM5,000 Fee Waiver (RM2500 per level) for IEN (2 Levels) + RM7,000 Fee Waiver (RM3,500 per sem X 2) for progression to Foundation, Diploma, Degree or Master (Year 1) after IEN.

c) CPU 1 Year Programme – Bursary of RM6,000 (Tuition Fee Waiver) (RM3,000 per sem X 2 sems  + RM6,000 for 1st Year Degree (Tuition Fee Waiver) (RM3,000 per sem X 2 seems) for progression to TU Degree after CPU.

5. U Residence Price Promotion – 1 Month Free Rental (Min. of 12 month stay at U Residence – Check-in between July 16’ to Dec 16’ . On the spot confirmation of Accommodation Bookings (U–Residence)

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